Belly Back After Baby: Core Restoration #1

Rebuild - Building Your Core Foundation From The Inside Out 

Today's video will introduce you to Core Restoration #1. Our focus today is on building a strong core foundation. Intentional mind-body connection, proper breathing and continuous deep core activation throughout the movements is key to rebuilding a strong, solid core from the inside out!

As you know all too well having a baby is hard. You spend 9 months having your body taken over, and your hormones thrown out of whack. You gain an ungodly amount of weight in a short amount of time and your growing bundle stretches out just about every part of your body.

Then your baby comes screaming into this world leaving you soft and squishy, demands all your time and energy and leaves you without a full night’s rest for weeks, months (or if you are really unlucky, even years). You spend hours sitting hunched-over, curled around that tiny baby, feeding and cuddling them, exhausted but completely and utterly in love.

Then after some weeks have passed you emerge from the haze of new motherhood and it’s time to figure out where the baby ends and you begin. You get the all-clear from your doctor and decide it’s time to work on putting yourself back together physically. But where to begin?

You may need to work on your breath, reconnecting the way your diaphragm and belly work together in your body. You probably need to work on your posture, working the hunch out of your shoulders and giving your lower back the support and stretching it needs to remain pain-free as you carry your new little bundle around with you throughout the day.

Most importantly you need to restore your inner core integrity. This will not only assist your abdominal muscles and connective tissues in regaining their strength and tension but will also ensure you have proper stabilization prior to introducing more strenuous load-bearing activities into your exercise routine.

For this reason, I have put together this exercise sequence to help you start on core restoration and getting your belly back after baby! I hope this information is helpful for you on your postpartum journey.

Core Restoration #1

  • Warm-Up: Transverse Abdominis Activation and Hold
  • Warm-Up: Butterfly Pelvic Tilts
  • Core Stabilization Swimmers (Angels)
  • Bent-Knee Fall-Outs
  • Heel Slides
  • Heel Drops
  • Alternating Supermans

Core Restoration #1 Exercise Demonstrations

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