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It's easy to get discouraged on our journey when we fall off track or have setbacks that make our goals seem further away. But remember that in health and life there is no "finish line." Failure today doesn't mean you have to give up or even that you have to start over again tomorrow. Learn from that failure, grow from it and use it to get back up and keep going.

Even though at times we may feel like we are back at square one - the truth is we are not actually starting over from scratch. Our previous experiences have taught us and prepared us and our previous shortcomings give us opportunities to be aware of where our weaknesses lie and how to avoid running into those same walls next time. Our bodies remember past choices, we have muscle memory, and we will see results more quickly when we apply the lessons we have learned.

Having clear goals, tracking our goals, evaluating and revisiting them are ways that we can continue to move forward instead of getting discouraged and just giving up on something we want in life. Being able to have a picture of what we are trying to accomplish and the many steps we will have to take in order to get there, will help us to see that even when the steps we are taking may be small, they are still propelling us forward. We should acknowledge and celebrate these small steps that are moving us in the right direction. Achieving small goals; overcoming obstacles, however small or seemingly trivial, grows courage, promotes strength, and inspires hope that the impossible may actually be within reach.

So don't be afraid to set big goals for yourself because imagining yourself accomplishing those big dreams will give you hope, and that hope will motivate you to make the hard choices today that will lead to a big impact in the future. But remember to break those big goals down into smaller goals too. Write them out, break them into smaller chunks, and then into the steps you need to take to reach them.

Track your progress and celebrate each goal as you reach it. Evaluate what happened when you don't and make changes to your goals when needed. But don't give up on yourself. When you work hard today you will continue to grow, learn, and achieve better health, greater strength, and more energy for tomorrow. These positive changes will not only increase the quantity of your tomorrows, but also the quality of your todays.

Here are some Goal Tracking Sheets you can use for setting and tracking your body goals on your fitness journey. Download today and get started on reaching your goals!: