One of the six areas I try to focus on in self-care goals is mindset. You'll often hear me refer to this as renewing my mind. But what does that mean exactly?

Well in the most basic of terms, I would say that renewing my mind is clearing out what is unhelpful, broken and in the way in order to make room for what is good and desirable to have space to grow and flourish. It's a lot like weeding your garden to make room for the plants and flowers to thrive, or clearing out the clutter in your home to make room for new projects or to create a peaceful space.

Everyday our minds are filled up with so much information; processing circumstances, planning ahead, stressing over daily concerns of life and it is easy for our thoughts to become cluttered and overwhelmed. So often we give head space to the fears, stresses, and negative things we experience around us and end up self-sabotaging our own goals to live a better life. We allow self-defeating lies to circulate around our thoughts so often that we begin to believe them as truths. These beliefs end up being the very barriers we find ourselves having to breakthrough anytime we decide to work towards a new goal.

In order to succeed in accomplishing our goals it is so important that our thoughts are positively aligned with the outcomes we are hoping for. We are not going to accomplish our goals by simply thinking positively about them, however, maintaining motivation to work towards our goals is much more likely when we believe that we can actually reach them.

Especially when working towards a health or fitness related goal, it is important to address current habits, thoughts, or barriers that will hinder progress towards those goals and get rid of anything that doesn't serve to accomplish them. We then can reframe beliefs that block our path in a way that helps to build towards our desires rather than getting in the way of reaching them.

Spending intentional time daily to examine and explore what we are thinking about and actively choosing to replace negative thought patterns or untrue beliefs with thoughts that are true, positive, and encourage us towards what we want for our lives is how we can renew our minds.

A positive mindset focused on gratitude for what is good in our lives and affirms that we do have the power to change in areas that have room for improvement, is how we create fertile ground for these goals and dreams to grow into a new better reality in our lives.