Happy New Year Mommas! What a whirlwind the holiday season has been for me as I am sure it was for all of you. I had aspirations to write much more and bring more content to you, but I guess I have forgotten just how busy life with a toddler and a preschooler can be, especially now that I am working part time nights and also have a preteen and teenager too!

In the coming months it is my hope to provide more value to you all and to put the finishing touches on the S.H.E. Fit program in the next few weeks to once and for all FINALLY launch a Beta group. What better time for a 6 Week Fitness Challenge for all of us busy mamas than right after the New Year, right?

In the meantime I wanted to give you something new to work on and prepare yourself so that you are ready to start with me when I open the doors for the challenge.

During the last few weeks, my own recent fitness pursuits of working on inversions and core strength drills have highlighted for me where my postpartum core and pelvic floor are still not fully functioning where I would like them to be. This has cued for me my need to go back to the foundational core exercises that I have used in the past to rebuild my core strength and to heal my diastasis after giving birth. So I am challenging myself to go back to the beginning of my Core Rebuild program and spend some time focusing on those oh so important deep core muscles.

I thought that this would be beneficial for many other mamas out there and while the full 6 week Core Rebuild is going to be a part of the S.H.E. Fit Challenge, I decided to offer the first two weeks of the Core Rebuild to you now, absolutely free!

These first two weeks of this program you will be doing very slow controlled movements that focus on proper activation of the Transverse Abdominis and Pelvic floor, as well as belly breathing and the synergy of breath and movement throughout each exercise. The movements are not traditional core exercises you would think of such as crunches and planks, but instead are designed to reconnect our mind to our deep innermost core muscles and to ensure that all are firing correctly and strong enough to support our bodies in all other areas of our daily lives.

To get access and join me on this 2 Week Mini Core Rebuild Challenge, simply follow this link and enter your email address and you will receive instant access! You will also be informed when the S.H.E. Fit Challenge doors open 24 hours in advance of everyone else. So lets kick this year off right, building a solid foundation and making 2020 the year you take better care of you! (Click here to get in on the 2 Week Core Challenge.)