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7-Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Meal Plan

Are you tired of feeling weighed down with extra fat and aren't sure how to break out of your current cycles of unhealthy eating? Are you tired of bland, boring diets that have you eating nothing but boiled chicken and broccoli 5 times a day?

This One Week Guide Includes:

  • 20+ Recipes
  • Printable Shopping List
  • Meal Preparation Checklist
  • Includes ALL meals and snacks for a full week!
  • Comes with Substitution Suggestions
  • Nutrition Info for Each Day of the Plan Provided

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Our 7-Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Meal Plan is exactly what you have been looking for. Completely done for you, this plan even provides an overview of the food preparation steps you will need to take each day of the week in order to reduce your cook times and make sure that your meals are ready when you are ready to eat them.

This 7-day plan will not only introduce you to a new way of looking at eating whole healthy foods, but it also provides a comprehensive guide for how to get started on making a lifestyle change that will have you easily shedding pounds and keeping them off, all while feeling energized and all around better.

  • Calendar of all Your Meals for a Full Week

    Completely done for you. Eliminate stress around what to eat and how to plan healthy meals for your fitness goals.

  • Full Breakdown of Nutrition Information

    Each meal has been balanced for maximum fat loss, reduced hunger and sugar cravings to ensure that you are fully fueled for your day.

  • Printable Shopping List and Meal Prep Checklist

    Save time and hassle at the grocery store and eliminate roadblocks to reaching your goals.

Too much added sugar and processed foods causes you to store excess fat and excess water making you feel bloated and weighed down. By following our one week guide you will flush out all that excess and reset your metabolism to quickly get you back on target for health and weight loss success!

Reset your palate and learn to love the taste of foods in their whole, unadulterated forms with the use of our Jumpstart Meal Plan. Finally break your endless cycle of sugar craving, sugar binge, and sugar crash.


By completely eliminating the foods that cause excess weight gain and poor overall health for a whole week, you begin to taste and appreciate the natural sweetness of foods in their pure forms once again.

This plan will teach you that meal planning and homemade cooking is not only do-able, but also can be enjoyable. If improved, lifelong health, sustainable weight loss, feeling better, and feeling better about yourself are things that you truly want, you can obtain them and this plan is just what you need to get started!


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