#MomsMatter Challenge - Circuit #3!

Today's video will introduce you to the third and final circuit workout for the week. You will perform 7 new movements in an interval style workout that will push your core activation to the max!

  • TA Crunch - Inhale a deep belly breath; on exhale engage TA and hold activation through movement. Keep both feet on the floor and crunch up lifting your shoulders and head off the floor, keeping your belly pulled down. If your belly "loafs" outward you have lost the TA Activation and you need to reset.
  • Bicycle Leg Extensions - Inhale a deep belly breath; on exhale engage TA and hold. Lift both feet off the ground bringing them into the air to the 90 zone. Slowly extend one leg out straight while keeping the other at 90. Bicycle legs slowly through the movement maintaining a stable core.
  • Bridges with Leg Extension - Inhale a deep belly breath while hips are on floor; on exhale engage TA and lift hips high. Extend one leg out straight as you press your hips up at the highest point. Slowly return your foot to the floor as you lower your hips back down and switch feet on the next lift. Maintain TA engagement throughout.
  • Reverse Lunges - From standing, inhale a deep belly breath; on exhale engage and maintain TA activation. Step one foot back behind you lowering into a reverse lunge. Push off the ground and bring your foot back to meet the other as you return to standing. Switch legs each rep.
  • Modified (Knee) Push-ups to Modified Side Plank - From hands and knees on the floor, inhale a deep belly breath; on exhale engage TA, lowering your hips to make a straight line from the back of your shoulders to your knees. With hands directly below shoulders, bend at the elbows slowly lowering your chest to the floor on an inhale, and pressing back up on exhale. At the top of the push up, lift one arm off the ground, turn your torso and reach your arm up into a side plank. Straighten your top leg, keep your bottom knee on the floor to modify the movement. Maintain core engagement, keeping belly pulled in. Rotate sides each rep
  • Squat with Alternating Knee-Up - Inhale a deep belly breath; on exhale engage and maintain TA activation throughout. On inhale lower down bringing thighs parallel to floor. On exhale press up through heels, and squeeze glutes returning to standing. At the top of the squat lift one knee up to meet your elbow on the same side. Lower your foot to the floor moving directly into another squat. Repeat, alternating knees with each squat.
  • Reverse Plank - From sitting, with legs straight in front of you, inhale a deep belly breath. On exhale engage TA, press palms into the floor and lift hips off the floor bring shoulders hips and feet into a straight line. Press up through glutes and engage your quads and hamstrings to maintain a straight body. Maintain TA activation while breathing and hold the position as long as you can. Lower and repeat as needed for the 30 seconds