If you have had a baby you know what its like to have your body taken over by another person and completely wreaked havoc upon. You also understand the struggle of looking in the mirror and realizing how very different your new body is from your pre-baby body, and you may not feel very good about it. You may even have guilt about wishing your body looked like it did before becoming a mother and feel like you are supposed to embrace your new figure.

Lets be real here, of course you wouldn't trade in your new bundle of joy for anything in the world, however it would be nice to at least regain some of the strength and stability you had in your body prior to becoming a mom. It would be nice to be able to laugh, cough or sneeze without worrying if you are going to wet yourself, and it would be nice to someday feel comfortable wearing jeans without the elastic top again.

Maybe its been awhile since you had your baby and you feel like you have tried everything to get your body back to how it used to be. If you have spent months doing crunch after crunch, tried dieting, mommy bootcamps and more only to still be left with a pooching lower belly and the inability to do jumping jacks without wearing a pantyliner, it is easy to feel like these things are a permanent side effect of becoming a mom and that you will never get your belly or body back to their former working conditions. If any of this sounds like what you are going through, you are likely suffering from weakened inner core muscles which so commonly affects moms.

Your inner core muscles may be weakened simply from being overstretched with the strain of pregnancy. Or maybe you have trouble as a result of birth trauma and your core and pelvic floor remain weakened because they haven't been provided the opportunity to heal. Maybe you didn't even know that your body isn't functioning correctly and thought what you are experiencing is just a normal side effect of motherhood.

The truth is, a weakened inner core is often the result of having a baby and can bring with it all kinds of other problems for moms such as low back pain, hip and pelvic pain, and even incontinence. However, none of that is normal and you shouldn't accept it as your new normal either. Whatever may be the case regardless of how long its been or how bad it is, I want you to know that even though you had a baby and your core is not what it used to be, it can get better and you deserve to function better.

If you don't know where to begin but you are ready to take some "me time" and want to rebuild your inner core, I have put together these 3 free videos with some basic inner core activation exercises to get you started.

Core Activation #1: Transverse Abdominis

Core Activation #2: Pelvic Floor Tilts

Core Activation #3: Core Stabilization "Angels"

You deserve to live pain free, leak free, and guilt free. You deserve to feel confident, energized, and normal again. You deserve a body that allows you to take care of your family the best you can, but also one that makes you feel like a sexy, capable woman apart from being a mom.

When you are the best version of yourself - healthy and well cared for - than you are able to give and do more for those that you love. You deserve to take "me time" to reconnect and rebuild yourself once you have become a mother.

Full physical recovery and functionality after having a baby is important to your well-being and overall life satisfaction. It is important for you to be in great working condition and more importantly, happy.

Take time for yourself to achieve the results you deserve because you matter too. Sign-up for our Free 1-Week #MomsMatter Challenge and start taking those steps to better health today!