Core and More At-Home HIIT Circuit
Here's a little 20 minute at-home circuit for you to try. There are modifications included. Have fun, share and tag me if you try it! Let me know if you want more like this.
HIIT Circuit (~20 minutes): Complete a 5 minute warm-up (jumping jacks, jog in place, high knees)
- 3 rounds
40 seconds work/20 seconds rest each exercise per round
rest 60 seconds between rounds and repeat X3
1. Dive Bomber Push-ups (or Modified)
2. Pendulum Lunges (right leg only)
3. Pendulum Lunges (left leg only)
4. Push-up to Renegade Rows (2 Modifications)
5. Squat to Press (Modify with lighter dumbbells)
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