There is so much about 2020 that I did not see I know that's true for basically the whole world right now, but I just wanted to acknowledge that for this mama of 4, this year has been a downright STRUGGLE, and I know I am not alone in that. (Can I get an Amen?) But, if 2020 has taught me anything, its that I could really benefit from being just a bit more flexible...

For me, fitness has been a go-to stress reliever and place of inner peace. My garage gym these days has been my own little sanctuary - since the only time I ever have an hour to myself without little ones interrupting me is either at the grocery store, at Holy Yoga (which is Ahhmazing! I will tell more in another post soon), going for a run, or working out in my garage.

But even given my love for pretty much all things fitness, these past few months have proven to be out of control in so many ways and I have been having an on-again-off-again love affair with my workouts, and I'm not gonna lie, a whole lotta treats since, you know, quarantine. Earlier this year, Covid shut down all the gyms which put me out of work, and of course, the gym, for a few months. I kept up with running and at-home workouts for awhile for sanity's sake but consistency was hit and miss.

Then my family unexpectedly made the decision that my husband should take a job transfer and we up and moved clear across the state in the middle of Summer. So our focus shifted to all things packing, moving, unpacking, re-enrolling 3 of my 4 kids into their new schools, etc. etc.

A few weeks after settling in to our new place, we finally got our gym set up again in the garage, thank goodness, and I started to get back on track with some sort of workout schedule. But my workouts were still feeling a bit stale, and frankly I really miss my clients and the atmosphere of being and working in the gym.

So, I thought to help with motivation I needed a new Goal! I needed something that wasn't too difficult, had a plan and a timeline, and could help me to see the fruit of my labor without too hefty of a time commitment (after all, habit building is all about taking Baby Steps), plus, would be a benefit to me in multiple aspects of life. So, I decided my new goal, for fitness and for life is to

BE MORE Flexible! (thank you 2020!)

So I decided to try out this cute 30-Day Splits Challenge I found on Instagram... is not currently happening live, but I figured it would be a fun one to try and easy to tack on to my current workouts, especially since I am guilty of doing a poor job incorporating flexibility into my training regularly.

Another benefit is that since I have been making very little progress towards my BIG fitness goal of achieving a Press Handstand, one aspect of my fitness that I needed to concentrate on towards that goal is....yep, you guessed it! flexibility, specifically in the hips and hamstrings, exactly what this splits challenge addresses.

So confession, I have actually started it...twice....but have not been great at sticking with it longer than a few days in a row before falling off for a couple of days. It is recommended to not skip a single day...*facepalm* so since I have missed like 4 days, I will be starting back on Day 1.
Here is another great post about a yoga teacher's experience with this same splits challenge. I love and agree with her fitness philosophy. (

How is 2020 going for the rest of you? Anyone else looking for a new fitness goal or challenge? How are you staying sane during this crazy time? Shout out in the comments and let us know how we mamas are all in this together!